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August 17th 2024 Murder Mystery


Enjoy an Exclusive Murder Mystery Evening at the Pilgrim in Conjunction with Death on Demand!

Expect a casual evening of fun and laughter as the actors take you through the event blow by blow. The night is very much laid back and guests come back time after time to enjoy some fine food and a sparkling atmosphere. If you have ever thought about going to such a Murder Mystery then this is definitely the one for you.

The winning table gets a bottle of sparkling something, but it’s the winning that counts, not the taking part.

All murder mysteries include a three-course meal

The Spy in the Red Dress 

ONLY AT THE PILGRIM HOTEL! – The death of a man in London indicates that a spy ring is operating in the midlands. Violette Szabo has been tasked with identifying which of the three names in the man’s notebook could be spying for the Nazis. Secrecy is imperative and time is of the essence!”

Please arrive at the Hotel before 6.45pm where you will be escorted directly to your tables in the Aconbury Room and your pre-dinner drinks order taken. Starters will be served when everyone has arrived & then the actors will begin the night’s entertainment. To ensure the smooth running of the food service, a pre-order will be required approximately 2 weeks before your event.  Please bring an open mind and a sense of fun. Enjoy!

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